Magnetic Mosquito Net For Doors & Window

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Magnetic Mosquito Net For Doors & Window

Need magnetic mosquito net for your new house in Kuala Lumpur? Alpha Netting has a complete seal all around windows by using fibreglass net and magnetic strips. Nets are attached to window using magnet strip. To open or close doors and windows, just simply peel back insect screen with pull corners.

Best Magnetic Mosquito Net

Our magnetic insect screen are suitable for all types of windows as well as swinging doors. The insect screen is able to accommodate on iron grill windows and doors. Installation of the screen is simple as there is no drilling and nailing required. Durability of the screen usually last between 6 to 9 years.

Light Transmission 99% Magnetic Mosquito Net

Good Invisible Light Transmission 99%
Good Ventilation For Fresh Air

Choose Your Colour

Alpha Netting Magnetic Insect Screens are available in a variety of colours to match every door or window in your home.

  • Black Colour
  • White Colour
  • Brown Colour
  • Grey Colour


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Magnetic Mosquito Net For Doors & Window

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